Automate Your Hydroponics System

What is HydroBot?

HydroBot is the world's first open source hydroponic (growing plants in water) automation system.

HydroBot saves you a lot of time, helps your plants grow faster, and taste better!

HydroBot continuously monitors pH, EC (nutrient content), humidity, water and air temperature, then wirelessly controls lights, pumps, bubblers, air conditioners, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, or anything else that plugs in.

HydroBot is best suited for small (under 200 plants) and mid size (200 - 5,000 plants) hydroponic system.

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Find our Code on Github:

Web App


Start growing plants faster, that taste better, today!


Control from Anywhere

HydroBot's simple web app can be remotely accessed from any internet connected smartphone, tablet or computer.

Monitor and control every aspect of your system, from anywhere.



Payback Calculator

HydroBot can realistically pay for itself in less then 6 months!

You can learn more about our calculations here.


HydroBot's electronics hardware is fully splashproof and includes the open source platforms Arduino and Raspberry Pi as well as circuit boards from Atlas Scientific.


Open source software allows you to monitor environmental conditions, data log, manually control your system remotely and write automation programs (no coding required).


Learn all about the HydroBot's inner workings or simply follow our tutorials and learn to how to set up or build your own. HydroBot's documentation continues to grow with our community.

Meet the Team


Maximilian Knight

Max is an Environmental Engineer from Brooklyn, New York based in Boulder, Colorado. He has been fascinated with vertical farming, hydroponics and automation since high school and dreams of building fully automated farming robots to feed the planet. Before co-founding HydroBot, Max worked in product management at a solar company in Germany.


Scott Paterson

Scott Paterson is a Software Engineer and Serial Entrepreneur from Ontario, Canada based in Boulder, Colorado. He graduated from the University of Florida and has been a software developer for over 15 years. Before Co-Founding HydroBot Scott worked as a Full Stack Developer and Project Manager designing and writing medical software used by over 100,000 patients.

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