Outdoor Systems

Outdoor hydroponic systems can be built in many shapes and sizes. These styles are by no means everything that's out there. We chose these systems for the simplicity and ease of use. In addition to the basic structure of where your plants will live, you'll need a few basics to get started. These recommended kits will get you up and growing quickly so you can start to save time and money. Keep reading to learn more about whether or not to go in or stay outside.

PLEASE NOTE: These product bundles are designed to have everything you need without having to buy anything else. This means you may already have some of the needed items. Make sure you look through each item and remove what you already have.


This system is not only easy to set up but contains 108 slots to fill with leafy greens, herbs and other small plants. Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) systems trickle water past plant roots. This gives them constant access to water, nutrients and oxygen. The size of of the holes in this system make it most suitable for smaller plants.

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Bucket System

This simple Bucket system is perfect for growing larger plants such as tomatoes, cannabis, peppers, cucumbers and more! In this system roots dangle down into nutrient rich water which is pumped with oxygen rich air. The simplicity of this system makes it a great fit for beginners and its size allows for larger crops.

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This Deep Water Culture (DWC) system can grow smaller and medium size plants. DWC means the plant roots are submerged in nutrient rich water that is aerated with an air pump. It requires almost no set up and very little maintenance. DWC can also be a great tool to help young people get excited about food!

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