HydroBot controls your system. But what if you don't have a soil-less setup? We've researched and tested out some easily accessible grow configurations to learn what works best for beginner growers to make the process easier and get you growing fast!

Indoor Systems

Indoor hydroponics can be a clever way to have a continuous supply of healthy veggies without needing outdoor space. Staying indoors gives plants a highly stable environment to thrive in. This means you can grow year-round that grows faster and predictably.

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Outdoor Systems

Outdoor hydroponics can be many times more productive than a space equivalent soil garden. Plants get the same benefits of sunlight while enjoying a consistent water and nutrient supply. This means you can grow more food in the same amount of space with less effort.

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HydroBot Essentials

As an open source project we believe everyone should be able to customize and tailor HydroBot to their own needs. For this reason we decided not include the probes needed for HydroBot. The prices for these probes can vary hugely and therefore we decided to have the community decide what quality they need for themselves. With this said we did want to recommend some high quality probes that have been useful and effective during our testing.

The following bundle of products will get you started with the essentials for what you need to set up HydroBot.

HydroBot Essentials

Please note that if you do not already have a soil-less growing system you can check out some other recommended product bundles that we have created for indoor and outdoor systems.

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