A Tour of HydroBot’s Web App (Step 3)

HydroBot’s web app is where you can communicate with HydroBot to monitor your system’s conditions, look at graphs of your system’s environmental properties over time, automate the conditions your system stays in and more.

If you have set up your WiFi, then you will already have an account. Now you can login to HydroBot at My.Hydro.Bot

Once you create your account, on the top of the screen you can see the menu:

The Home screen will show you current reading of your system’s current conditions such as pH, EC, Water Temperature etc. :

The next screen is the Manual tab where you can manually control any of the hardware components of HydroBot.

The benefit of manual control is primarily to test and make sure each component is working during set up. This includes any of your outlets, or your peristaltic pumps:

The Automation tab is next. Here you can program your system to stay within the parameters that you set, and set how often data is taken:


The Reports page is where you can visualize the data your HydroBot takes as well as download a CSV file of your data. Here you can choose which data types you wish to see (pH, EC, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, and Humidity) and the time period from which you wish to see the data from.

The Settings page is where we can get most of the setup process started. Here we can add (or delete) our RF outlets, set or change your timezone, change your default units (Metric or Imperial), calibrate your sensors, prime your peristaltic pumps, change your password and update HydroBot’s software.

This page is meant to give you an overview of how to navigate and use the general interface of HydroBot’s web app.

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