Remote Outlet Setup

This page will teach you how to connect your remote outlets with HydroBot in a few easy steps.

Before we begin make sure you have everything you need: your remote outlets and their remote (see image below), HydroBot plugged in and connected to WiFi, your computer or phone with wireless internet connection, and access to an actual outlet.

  1. Open up the web app and login to HydroBot
  2. Navigate to the “Remote Outlet” page by clicking on Settings and then “Add a new RF standard outlet”. Note that this tutorial is showing a standard on/off outlet as opposed to a variable speed controller. Variable speed controllers can also be setup with HydroBot.
  3. At this point name the outlet. We recommend naming what that outlet will control such as your lights, or a dehumidifier.
  4. Next, select one of your remote outlets that come with each HydroBot. Click the buttons on your remote controller to figure out which number corresponds to the that outlet.
  5. Once you have figured out which number corresponds to that outlet prompt HydroBot to listen for the signal by clicking the button (see image). After pressing the button, place the remote near HydroBot’s RF receiver and press and hold the button until the web app indicates it has heard the signal. If it does not pick up the signal try again. If you configuring a variable speed outlet the web app will prompt you to press the various buttons (High, Medium, Low and Off) while HydroBot listens.
  6. Once HydroBot receives the signal you can test it out in the “Manual Control” page on the web app.
  7. Repeat steps 3 – 5 until all outlets connect to HydroBot.
  8. That’s it!