Getting Started

You can setup HydroBot and be operational within an hour. The Setup process has been broken down into a Parts List, WLAN/WiFi connection, a Tour of HydroBot’s Web App, Remote Outlet Setup, pH and EC CalibrationPeristaltic Pump Priming, and a description of how to setup and test the automation controls.

This page will provide a basic overview of the general steps needed to get your HydroBot up and running. You don’t have to complete all of HydroBot’s setup process at at once, but most require you to plug in HydroBot connect it to your local WLAN or WiFi network. Once you set up the WLAN/WiFi the web app is accessible. From HydroBot’s web app you can navigate to the various pages where you can configure your remote outlets, calibrate your pH and EC probes, and prime and test your peristaltic pumps. For this reason we recommend starting your setup process the following way.

  1. Make sure each your HydroBot isn’t missing any pieces. See our parts list here.
  2. Complete WLAN/WiFi Setup
  3. Familiarize yourself with HydroBot’s web app and setup your account

At this point it will be up to you what you choose to set up next.

Once these are all operational you will be able to operate your HydroBot’s controls manually or program your own automation constraints